Thursday, July 27, 2006

Women and Packing

What's the deal with women and packing. Now I do have a confession to make. I sprung a trip on my wife at the last minute to Tennessee. But it's amazing how much stuff she needs to pack.
For Taylor I was helping her pack and she put 8 outfits on the floor for me to pack. I was like we going for 4 days why does my little girl need 8 outfits. Then for Brandt she literally had 15 outfits for him. Now I know he's six months old but come on does he need almost 4 outfits a day.
I wont even talk about the shoes and her clothes. It's amazing how women need so many things when you leave town, but never use those things when you home.
Anyhow Im not complaining I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend with the wife and kids.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

GOLF How I hate it so

Well I started taking up golf about 2 years ago. Boy what a tough sport. By far the toughest sport I have ever played. When I started I was horrible scoring in the upper 90's. I play with a good friend who is about a 3 handicap. ( which is awesome).

Well he always would make comments about how bad I was. And anybody who knows me knows how competitive I can be. So I literally started practicing everyday. With the goal of kicking his *** one day. Well I recently was able to get my handicap down to a 10. (shooting low 80's). And have beaten him 3 times in the last 2 months.

I thought I had arrived that I finally figured the game out. NOT. I just got all new equipment and have been struggling, in fact the last three time I played I shot in the low 90's. So frustration started to set in. Today I shot a 89 and lost 6 golf balls at a total of 4 bucks a piece. I am completely frustrated and ready to hang it up. It's a game that shows you everything you have inside. It tears at all emotions. It sucks.

But I cant wait until friday so I can play again. It's a great sport.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Taxes Taxes Taxes

I just finished doing my taxes for this year. And it's amazing how something can irritate me so much. I dont understand how can the government justify taking so much money and give so little in return. Oh wait thats true I have roads to drive on and military to protect me. Oh and I cant forget they educate my little girl. Well accept for the fact that she goes to a private school which I pay for. Lets start off on how fair the tax code is. We get taxed on income, then on purchases we make. Then if you are fortunate enough and work hard you are taxed on your estate when you pass away. I am in support of the fair tax plan, which one would be taxed on purchases. If the democrats would get their head out of their seats they would realize that would technically generate more money for the treasury. But too simple I guess. What I dont understand about the current tax system is the unearned income credit. How can someone get back more in taxes than they pay? I dont mind paying my "fair share", but I feel they take way too much. I dont know maybe I am just to much of a simple man.

Hoping i can amuse you sometimes.

I decided to start a blog for the simple reason my best friend CajunTiger has been doing it for sometime now, and I always enjoy his post. I will attempt to amuse you on topics such as whats going on in the world of investing, politics, and whatever else is going on in my life. I look forward to good debating without anyone getting too ugly. I hope you enjoy. Remember being new to this It will be tough going but I promise to learn and make this as enjoyable as possible.